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i bloggen kan du läsa lite om våra produkter samt förlja med på våra resor. Välkommen!

Inspiration Milano

SidSid products Posted on Sat, May 09, 2015 11:23:18

Arriving back last night buzzing with life energy and inspiration from two lovely days in Milano.
Milano for me brings back great memories from intense but wonderful fashion years as a top hairdresser flying out every season to work backstage at the big fashion shows. A job I really really loved. The adrenalin, the creations and the excitement of being part of something really happening.

This time I was there to just fill up inspiration and life energy from beautiful interiors and cools shops as well as having some family time. SO no high heeled fashion parties any more but not to say I am not enjoying this as much now.

Thank you Milano. We love you!!

Our new favourite plates shot by our favorit food inspiration. Earthsprout.

SidSid products Posted on Tue, March 24, 2015 13:41:20

Elenore Bendel Zahn, our favourite food Raw food expert and wonderful woman happen to love our new plates as much as we do. The Organic plates domes in a serie of 3 plates. All white, handmade out of the best lead free clay on the market. It is just made for a healthy lifesyle.

Elenores blogg is just pure delight when it comes to photography and food. You really need to check it out here it is just so lush. I can also recommend here gorgeous app with raw breakfasts available at the site.

The plates are available to order at our webshop.

More gorgeous floors

SidSid products Posted on Sun, March 22, 2015 21:20:01

Very exited to bring in some new handmade cement floors from our hardworking guys in the floor factory.
All our floor is made and packed without using child labour!!

Easter eggs coming up

SidSid products Posted on Thu, March 12, 2015 19:49:40

The most luxurious fun easter eggs coming up in the shop. Handmade in traditional stucco work by the craftsmen in Marrakech. Really lush and just the best gift for easter dinners, your kids and lovers. Order them here.

The eggs are sculptured by SdSid talented artist in Morocco. They are made on a ceramic base then covered with thin layer of tadelakt. Choose the colours: yellow, turkoise, deep turkoise and chocolate. Tassles may vary.

International womens day.

SidSid products Posted on Sun, March 08, 2015 15:21:44

Today is a prefect day for buying carpets from us!!

Annakarin always handpicks the carpets from local people in the mountains making sure the profit goes straight to the people that makes then. Cutting out the middle hands is a way to support local communities, fair trade and creating a better future for the people.

I will never stop admiring the amazing work that these women do when they are weaving. And as you get to know the carpet styles you understand poetry and the meaning that is hidden in the. Sometimes you see love letters for a man of another tribe too far to travel to and sometimes you see humour and wisdom. So in other words you see life. For all that is is.

See our selection of carpets here

Vår nya kollektion

SidSid products Posted on Sun, May 04, 2014 08:50:11

Happy to say our new collection inspired from the cool green pastel often used on doors in Marrakech is a great hit. Fitting in well with the scandinavian love for soft colours, making the collection a perfect mix of Swedish and Marrakech.
Avaliable in plates, serving bowls, breakfastbowls and fruit, saladbowls.

lush pinks, cool mintgreen, oceangreen, soft turkoise all delisiously mixable with our white, gray and black.

Avaliable now in our webshop

designa din egen keramik.

SidSid products Posted on Fri, January 03, 2014 21:23:00

Varför inte passa på att få något alldeles unikt?
Designa din egen keramikserie och vi producerar den. Lätt o smidigt. Våra duktiga hantverkare i Marrakech är riktigt vassa på sin sak. Det är en fröjd att se hur de på minuter tar fram nya former och modeller efter mina önskemål. Man minns ju själv hur svårt det var att dreja i skolan. Man satt där i timmar för att komma hem med en sned skål som var alldeles för tjock i botten och minst sagt ojämn. Så med respekt arbetar jag med dessa duktiga killar, där jag kan ge dem mått, form och modell för att 4 minuter senare ha en skål i min hand exakt i samma bild som mitt huvud om inte bättre.

Våra första kollektioner har redan med stor framgång producerats och nu erbjuder vi möjligheten vidare både till privatpersoner och till er butiker som vill sälja något unikt bara för er.

Se två vackra exempel här:
svart/vitt: DIPDYE för Moltazdesignshop.
vitt: Keramikserie för My Habitation

varmt välkommen att kontakta oss på sidsid för mer info.

RAW-naturbehandat skinn. väskor o kuddar

SidSid products Posted on Tue, August 20, 2013 15:57:52

trevligt blogginlägg om RAW
Mer RAW kuddar o väskor. För naturens och våra hantverkares skull.
Tillbaka från formex mässan och så glad över den respons min nya baby RAW fick. ett projekt jag gjort tillsammans med skinnexperter i Marocko. Ett naturbehandat skinn som vi sen syr väskor o kuddar av smyckade av gamla kelimmattor.

Jag känner att vi har något stort på gång här

Läs ett trevligt inlägg om väskorna på Mia Anderbergs modeblogg här

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