On days like this I have to pinch myself that this is my gorgeous reality. For my life really could not get any better than this. I meet new people, many of them struggling to make a living and I can make a huge difference to their lives, I am somewhere exotic, yeey bye bye bordom! and together we created new useful things of beauty and I get to spend all day with my son who is getting a topp class life experience education.

I spend the morning in the carpet souk checking orders for new carpets and old carpets cut up in pieces and made into pouffs and cushions. Then I had a lovely couscous lunch which is a must on a friday.
After that Sid and I went to vist the guys that are producing our new wood serie for the fall. really amazing to see them work and god what a beautiful place they live in. Having tea in the sun, Sid got to practice some wood work with them and we designed some new pieces of furniture.
Loving life and its precious gifts.