This morning I left 15 fantastic guests at the airport after one of our 4 days shopping and adventure trips.
They were ll doing really great at getting into the Marrakech life! All the shopping were finished last night as we sat down for dinner and this morning at 8 we left for the airport.
So today is a day of relaxation.

So here is my day of relaxation:
First I go to the garden shop looking at banana threes and avocado plants is just so refreshing.

Then I go to the ceramic factory and chill out. Plan some new models and have a tea in the sunshine.

The problem with morocco though is that where event i look there is inspiration and amazing things so it is just not possible to turn working mode off completely. Look at this sofa. Just love it. Such an amazing place!!

Might just take a nap in the sun! See you all tomorrow!